Space Castle 3D : Instructions


Double tap the playfield above the controls to summon a New Game/Settings/Instructions panel.

Hint: If the DPAD seems to work backwards, use the Settings panel to reverse the directional controls.

Configuration Options:

Extra Directional Control Mode: Always Face Castle setting OFF
In this mode, the ship's DPAD works more like an airplane's control stick, pivoting the ship around it's center. The thrust buttons move the ship forward and back in the direction it's facing. Very different than Always Face Castle mode, definitely harder anyway. You decide which mode is more fun.

DPAD - Pivot the ship left/right/up/down about it's center using the white DPAD. Touching near the edges pivots faster while touching near the center pivots slower for more precision. Double tap the DPAD near the center to turn directly towards the Castle

The purple line is a navigation display which shows the relative direction to turn towards the Castle.
In this mode, pivoting alone does not move the ship (and not moving makes you meteor cannon bait!) The thrust buttons move the ship in this mode.