Pentomino Smackdown    by Mystic Software

Two player game of strategy and spacial relations, based on the famous Pentominoes puzzle.
Tantalizing, thought provoking adaptation of the Pentomino Challenge game created by James Follete.

Played head to head with iPad between two opponents seated across the table
or side-by-side (players sit next to each other and pass iPad back and forth.)

Designed specifically for the iPad.

Description, Rules, and Instructions

Play more pentominoes than your opponent.

Players alternately place pentominoes on the board until a player has no move left, then the other player plays until he also has no moves.

Each piece played scores one point, highest score wins.


  1. The first piece must cover at least one of the four center squares
  2. Each subsequent piece must touch a piece already on the board along at least one square's side (i.e. touching corner to corner is insufficient.)
  3. Empty board spaces/holes completely enclosed by pieces and/or board edge must consist of at least 5 touching squares (and again, the sides must touch, not just the corners.)




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