3D Slider Puzzle by Mystic Software

Virtual 3D version of the classic slider puzzle pits you against six interconnected puzzles. Manipulate using natural/intuitive gestures. Touch to rotate, zoom, or spin. Flick pieces to move them and solve the puzzle. Customize puzzle by using your own photos.
3D Slider Puzzle 3D Slider Puzzle HD


Manipulate the cube with these gestures:

* A flick is similar to a swipe, except that it has both speed and direction. Keep your finger in motion and moving in a straight line during a flick. The gesture can be similar to flicking a pea across a tabletop, or can be thought of as a "sliding tap."

Hint: When two pieces could be moved at once, slide using the end piece and this only counts as one move.

Includes photography by Elizabeth Wolin and artwork by Don Law


If you buy now, when additional features and/or fixes are released they'll be available free of charge.

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